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When a clone or young seedling is moved from one media to another, it will often enter a state of shock and either die or perform much more poorly than it would have. Transplant shock occurs when the root system of the plant is exposed to media which differs in its ecology. There may be an increased amount or even less nutrients than it’s used to, or perhaps a different pH, it could even be induced by the period of time that it’s outside of its original container.

Here are a few tips on reducing the likelihood of transplant shock.

  • When the plant is ready to be transplanted, have some Terpene Maximizer diluted into water at the ready.
  • Begin by pouring the solution around the sides of the hole that the transplant is destined for. Make sure that every place your roots will contact has been treated with the mixture.
  • Next remove the plant from its container and perform a ‘root-dip’ with the solution. Lowering the base of the plant, including the entire root ball if applicable, into your mixture of Terpene Maximizer.
  • Moving from the container of solution, gently place your plant into the hole you’ve previously treated and proceed to re-cover the base of the plant with the soil.
  • Finally, apply a small amount of your remaining solution to the soil just used to cover the base.

Your plant should have no trouble adapting to its new surroundings and you can continue your normal feeding schedule of nutrients and Craft Buds amendments.