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Aside from growing in an optimum soil mix and using the proper nutrients, there are other ways to increase the size and potency of one’s yield. These techniques aren’t generally recommended for first time or novice growers as they have a propensity to stunt or even kill a crop if done incorrectly; once mastered, however, these strategies become a go to for those looking to harvest more quality flower.

When you impose environmental stresses on your plants, the way they use their energy changes. Growers can take advantage of certain methods to direct the energy into growing more flowers at higher potency rates as well as enticing specific characteristics from the bud. Stress can be applied by manipulating the plants physically, or by changing growing conditions such as light and temperature.

A common form of Low Stress Training is intentionally bending your stalks. As the plant gets taller, growers interfere by tying a line around the longer branches in a bid to bend them to the side at an angle closer to 90 (not kinking the plant, it should be a smooth curve). Not only does this increase the area of the plant which will be exposed to light, it also facilitates a more even distribution of the plant hormone, Auxin; auxin is essential in plant body development, and when spread to other parts of the plant will encourage more shoots with more potential bud sites. These areas will begin to grow vertically again when they begin to bloom, resulting in several robust colas.