Micronutrient Uptake Enhancer: Humic acid + Kelp

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Humic acids are a group of organic acids that improve your plants ability to absorb what it needs from its surroundings, as well as improving soil structure overall.

The addition of Kelp works synergistically with Humic acids to provide a food source for microbes and maintain plant health overall.

Soil Treatment: Soil should be treated with an initial soil drench at a rate of 4oz per gallon; subsequent soil applications should be made once a month.

Foliar Spray: During the plants veg stage, dilute one oz of product into one quart of water and perform a foliar spray – using a squeeze bottle or a tank with a nozzle attachment, finely mist both the top and underside of your plant’s leaves. Repeat this weekly through veg and cease once switching to flower.

  • Do not mix directly with other concentrates; dilute beforehand.
  • Shake well. Do not consume. May stain.

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