Root-Zone Microbes: Probiotic for Plants

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Using Root-Zone Microbes will have you reaping these benefits:

Decomposition: The decay function gets rid of plant residues, but more importantly it converts the food energy in fresh organic matter to a form, such as humus, that feeds other indispensable soil organisms. As a result, nutrients are released to the plant.

Nutrient Retention: Nitrates and other nutrients can leach out of the soil and be lost unless they can be banked until the plant needs them. When bacteria and fungi multiply, they gather up free nitrogen from the soil and convert it to protein in their bodies. Nitrogen in this form is a ‘bank account’ of convertible nitrogen that will not leach away or be lost as a gas. When this function is working you can begin to apply lower rates of N and P with no reduction in productivity.

Nutrient Recycling: Once nutrients have been retained, other kinds of soil organisms can feed on the bacteria and fungi. The rich meal of protein is metabolized and released back into the soil as ammonium, which is quickly converted to nitrate for use by crops. As these species go about their work they cause nitrogen, as well as phosphorus and other nutrients, to be released at a gradual rate supplying crops with a steady diet all season long.

Improved Soil Structure: The best tilth depends on maintaining an aggregated soil structure which allows for the optimum infiltration of air, water, and roots systems .Sand, silt, and clay particles are “glued” together by the gums and gels that only certain species of soil bacteria can produce. These aggregates are further strengthened against melting or collapse by certain species of fungi that grow throughout the aggregate and physically bind it.

Add 1 teaspoon to 1 Gallon of water, water plants as usual. Apply with every watering.

Store unused product in a cool, dark place. Product is best used within 6 months after opening.

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